• Comprehensive Framework 

    Dive into the "Core 12 Maturity Assessment Playbook" for a systematic framework that enhances legal operations. It's designed to help you set goals and track progress effectively, suitable for any legal professional.

  • Customizable Solutions

    The playbook serves as your essential guide for leveraging the CLOC Core 12, crafted to meet the unique challenges at various maturity stages. It offers flexible strategies to address specific issues or to drive comprehensive strategic improvements.

  • Accessible to All 

    We observed current accessibility standards at the most fundamental phases of publication development, ensuring inclusive access for users of all abilities. This commitment guarantees that every legal professional can access and benefit from this resource.

About Us

The Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) is a global community of experts focused on redefining the business and practice of law. By helping legal operations professionals collaborate with each other and with other industry players, including law firms, technology providers, and law schools, CLOC works to help set industry standards and practices for the profession.