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Core 12 Maturity Assessment Playbook

Core 12 Maturity Assessment Playbook

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The "Core 12 Maturity Assessment Playbook" is your guide to achieving operational excellence. This CLOC playbook offers a structured framework for evaluating and improving your legal operations across twelve critical areas aligned with the CLOC Core 12 and builds in four stages of maturity – Reactive, Emerging, Developing and Leading.  Each Core 12 functional area includes key attributes and maturity characteristics and guides you in assessing your current operations and competencies, helping you identify areas for focus. 

CLOC Members, download your copy today directly from this page and begin your journey to enhanced operational efficiency. The ePub format is universally compatible across various operating systems and devices but requires an eBook reader application for access. There are many free options available for desktop computers—whether running Microsoft or Apple operating systems—mobile devices including Android and iPhones/iPads, as well as on most dedicated eReaders.

This publication complies with W3C EPub Accessibility 1.1 Standards and WCAG 2.2 Level AA standards.

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